Dotcom Arabia Yahoo Advertising Sales Rep.

Yahoo media kit

Yahoo! is the most popular online site for visitors from the Middle East. More than 5 billion pages of Yahoo! are seen by over 29 million people from the Middle East North Africa region each month – all other leading “local” sites claim less than 500 million pages per month from a worldwide audience. From Saudi Arabia alone, Yahoo!'s over 2.9 million visitors generate more than 300 million pages every month.

Yahoo! has reach as well as frequency in every market in the Middle East. The number of unique visitors who come to Yahoo! is substantially higher than the readership of any newspaper or magazine in the region.

The demographic targeting capabilities of Yahoo! enable an advertiser to reach segmented markets - such as females, business executives, those interested in IT or travel, etc.

Yahoo! Finance is the # 1 financial website in the world. Yahoo! Movies and Yahoo! Music (Launch) are the leading entertainment destinations on the web. Yahoo! Sports is the biggest sports website. You can target banners to appear in any section of Yahoo!

Whether your target is visitors from the United States or from Saudi Arabia, Yahoo! can reach your prospects cost effectively.

More than 100 advertisers from the Middle East have already used Yahoo! in their promotional media mix. It is time you did too!