About Us

Company Timeline

Where no one dared to tread
The internet had just started. Yahoo! was everyone's starting point. Nobody was selling internet advertising in the Middle East. The digital marketing industry did not exist. We came in to make a difference. We became the exclusive reseller of Yahoo! for the Middle East, Central Asia and Pakistan.
An industry is born
From struggling to get a single advertiser to run a banner campaign, to handling multi-million dollars worth of online advertising was a journey with many hurdles but we persevered.
We diversified from just selling Yahoo! to selling advertising for a large number of international websites and ad networks. We also launched programmatic ad sales in 2009.
Iconic digital OOH | TV | Podcast Advertising
In 2017 we started selling advertising on iconic digital displays in Times Square New York, Piccadilly Circus in London and other digital billboards around the world. In 2019 we started working with FOX Business and FOX News TV in the US and expanded to TV channels in Europe, China and Japan. We also sell advertising on Al Jazeera TV. In 2020, when work from home became the norm, the world of podcasting exploded and we now offer podcast advertising to clients. This is the future of media. We can place your ads in the world's leading podcasts. Target users around the world or in the Middle East. We have a portfolio of over 60,000 podcasts that are heard more than 400 million times every month.


We have been in the Middle East for over 20 years and every major client and advertising agency has worked with us. From government investment and tourism boards to airlines, hotels and consumer goods suppliers, from automobiles to banking and finance, from e-commerce to brick and mortar retail, we have helped companies to reach their audience. Let us help you reach yours.