Print & TV


Our team has over 50 years of print media experience. Planning international media campaigns based on readership surveys, circulation and demographics is where most of us started the journey. We still use these core values to suggest the most effective media mix for our clients. And this includes magazine and newspaper advertising. What is camouflaged as “Native Advertising” today is what we sold as “Advertorials” 40 years ago. From special supplements to classified ads, from regular display ads to creative cover wraps, we recommend solutions to our clients that meet their targeted needs.


If you want to reach a mass audience in China or want to target those watching the leading business tv channel in Japan, or if you want to reach someone watching television in a specific city in the US, we have you covered. We work with television channels around the world and can get your message across to people in any country of your choice. Using Connected TV, we can deliver audiences in specific US cities across all major US TV channels.

Program sponsorship, bespoke videos and sponsored content on a TV’s website are all part of our portfolio of services..